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黃偉寧・Wei-Ning Huang (AZ)

I am currently work as Co-founder and CTO at COBINHOOD Inc.
I am also an open source enthusiasm. I write open source software and participate open source events.
I love chinese martial arts. I practice 長拳(Changquan) and 詠春拳(Wing Chun), and would like to try other martial arts.


Aug 2017 - Current

Current Fulltime

  • Co-founder, CTO
  • COBINHOOD is a ZERO trading fee cryptocurrency exchange and aims to become a financial center for the blockchain era.

Sep 2014 - Jan 2018

Senior Fulltime

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Works on Chromebook and Chrome OS. Was part of Chrome OS Factory, Chrome OS Kernel and Chrome OS Touch team. Part of the team that made Acer Chromebook R13, Samsung Chromebook Pro and Google Pixelbook.

Jul 2013 - Aug 2013

Summer Intern

  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Automatic test framework development, Continuous integration and various improvements on part of IBM POWER 8 Firmware component.

Feb 2011 - Aug 2012


  • Co-Founder, CTO
  • A stock image selling start-up I founded with my friends, which is closed in August 2012 due to operation issues.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Summer Intern

  • Software Engineering Intern
  • Develop Aster (Android System Testing Environment and Runtime)


National Taiwan University
Sep 2012 - Jun 2014

  • Master's Degree
  • Computer Science

National Taiwan University
Sep 2008 - Jun 2012

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Electrical Engineering


Shotwill Website
Feb 2011 - Aug 2012

Startup Python Flask MySQL AWS

  • Website
  • CTO, Backend Developer
  • I served mainly as backend developer but also worked on some frontend functions such as admin panels.

Spring 2013

Class Project Web Ruby Sinatra d3.js MongoDB

  • Website
  • Project Leader
  • 林季萱, 李嘉玲, 陳紀甌
  • Visualizing PageRank and AuthorRank using d3.js. This is the class project for Web Retrieval and Mining.

Since May 2010

Open Source C GTK

  • Website
  • Core Developer
  • Gummi is a LaTeX editor for the Linux platform, written in C/GTK+. It was designed with simplicity in mind, but hopes to appeal to both novice and more advanced LaTeX writers. Gummi was released as free opensource software under the MIT license.

Boshiamy Web IME / 雲蝦米
Since Jan 2014

Open Source Javascript

  • Website
  • Source Code
  • Pure Javascript implementation of popular Boshiamy Chinese input method. The input method run entirely in the client side without the need of a server. Currently supports all major browser including Google-Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Boshiamy IME Translator Web Edition / 嘸蝦米翻譯機 線上版
Since Jan 2014

Open Source Python Flask

Since Nov 2013

Open Source C Python

Since Apr 2013

Open Source C Python

  • Source Code
  • An Python library that calculates rabin fingerprint, a very collision-resistant fingerprint method. This module is written in Python C API for the cosideration of efficiency.

PCB Design Viewer
Since Dec 2012

Freelance Project C++ Qt

  • This is a freelance project I done for an electrical manufacturing company, the entire project is completed within three months on my own. The viewer is able to read Valor's ODB++ format and render the results fairly quickly with acceptable memory footprint. During the optimization of the viewer, I also found bugs(QTBUG-29957, QTBUG-29839) related to QGraphicsView and submitted bug reports to upstream.

Since Jul 2011

Open Source COSCUP'11 Android Java

  • Website
  • Developer
  • Kan-Ru Chen, Walkingice Chu
  • Aster stands for Android System Testing Environment and Runtime. Aster is a functional testing framework for Android, which uses template matching algorithm for recording/playing user's motion.

May 2011

Class Project C OpenGL

  • Source Code
  • A software rasterizer which supports a subset of OpenGL APIs. I implement this when I was studying GPU graphics pipeline in the 'Special Project' course at Media & IC Lab, NTUEE. You can link OpenGL program against to runs the software rasterizer without any code modification if you are using the subset supported by SGL.

Since Jul 2010

Open Source Python SQLite

  • Source Code
  • A manual page formatter that generates C++ man pages from Since there are no well-formatted C++ manual pages in the Linux system, I deciede to write my own. cppman parses website and generate manual pages that are the same format as other manual pages in the Unix system.

Fall 2010

Class Project Open Source Qt

  • Source Code
  • Slide
  • Video
  • An input method framework for Qt-Embedded. Currently supporting 注音 with libchewing and 無蝦米. The demo video show Qin running in QVFB to simulate running in Qt-Embedded.

Since Sep 2010

Open Source C GTK GStreamer

  • Source Code
  • A typewriter sound scheme for your keyboard. Plays old-style typing machine sound when you are typing.

Since Sep 2010

Open Source Python GTK

Mar 2010 - Oct 2010

Open Source Python GTK

  • Source Code
  • A program that allow you to download YouTube video in various format including MP3, MP4, MP4-720p, MP4-1080p, FLV, 3GP. The project is no longer mantained.

Boshiamy IME Translator / 嘸蝦米翻譯機
Since Dec 2009

Open Source C++ Qt SQLite

  • Source Code
  • People sometimes use Boshiamy input method as code since Boshiamy input method only uses English charaters. For example, 'KA PWJ NTI' can be translate to '黃偉寧' when typing it using the input method. This program is a small utility that automatically translate Boshiamy IME code to chinese, and vice versa.

Oct 2009

Open Source C

  • Source Code
  • This is a hobby project I did when I attended the course Computer Organization and Assembly Languages. ToyVM is a virtual machine for executing Toy ISA created by Introduction to CS, Princeton University. We were requried to write Toy ASM in our homework. During the time when I wrote the homework I found Princeton's Visual X-Toy slow and hard to debug, so I decied to wrote my own Toy virtual machine with GDB-like debug interface.


The Acceleration of Pipeline Workloads under the FPGA Area and Bandwidth Constraints
Wei-Ning Huang, Sheng-Wei Cheng, Che-Wei Chang, Yu-Chen Wu, Tei-Wei Kuo, Yung-Chin Hsu, Wen-Yih Isaac Tseng, and Shih-Hao Hung, in Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), 2014 IEEE 20th International Conference on



Tools & Programming Languages

Coding Environment

Tools & Programming Languages
Self-rated familiarity ranging from 0 to 5

  • Linux: 4.8
  • C: 4.8
  • Python: 4.8
  • C++: 4.5
  • Qt: 4.5
  • Git: 4.5
  • GTK: 4.3
  • SQL: 4
  • Go (Programming Language): 3.5
  • OpenCL: 3.5
  • Java: 3.5
  • Flask (Python Web Framework): 3.5
  • Ruby: 3.5
  • Javascript: 3.5
  • HTML / CSS: 3.2
  • CUDA: 3.2
  • OpenGL: 3
  • SML: 2.8
  • Racket: 2.8


Code & Beer - An inside-NTU open source enthusiast's weekly gathering
Sep 2013

  • Founder

Chinese Martial Art Club, National Taiwan University
Sep 2008 - Feb 2011

  • Chief of Curriculum

Photography Club, National Taiwan University
Mar 2012 - Jul 2012

Wing Chun (詠春拳), National Taiwan University
Sep 2012 - Jan 2013